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TUTORIAL #2 : Shabby Minnie Mouse headband

Hello crafty people! :D

It's been a bit quiet on here, hasn't it? What better way to make up for it than with a fun DIY headband tutorial!

I was having a little dig around in my shabby rose trim box, and was thinking "Hmm. Must make shabby tutorial. What to make...what to make..what to m..MINNIE MOUSE HEADBAND!". I hopped it over to my personal supplies boxes (you can't sell supplies and not have your own stash. Yup. I get high off my own supply.) and dug out my last red sequin bow - at this point I knew it was meant to be!

Have a butchers at what we'll be making....

...yup. Now, reel your tongue back in and grab the following!


* Red heart print FOE (Or whichever you have to hand that tickles your fancy)
* 2 petite back shabby flowers (1.5" size)
* 1 standard black shabby flower (2.5" size)
* Fabri-Tac (Or your choice of adhesive...the stronger the better)
* Black 1.5" felt circles
* Black 1.25" felt circles
* Red sequin bow (or a cute ribbon one if you have no sequin ones to hand)
* Sharp scissors
* Sizing chart - click here


Snip away the surrounding mesh from the shabby flowers, and pop them into place - petites ake the ears, standard makes the head. Make sure it looks nice and even, if you need too fiddle a bit or twist your shabbys around, do so now. You want it to look perfect, and ready for the next step...


Lift off the petites one at time, and add a glob of glue at the edge of the larger shabby, right where your petite will go. If it seeps through a touch, that's fine. It means better hold, and it'll be covered by the sequin bow!


Time to arrange those felties now. These will hold everything together, make for a nice flat base and also prevent the shabbies from getting shriveled/creased over time from wear.

Once you're happy with placement (make sure the smaller felties are covering both the petite and larger shabby) whip out your Fabri-tac again!


Now, you'll need to apply a glob of glue in the middle, and a ring of glue on the outer edge of the felt circle. Don't go too far out though, otherwise it will seep through the edges. Visible glue on black looks very messy and unattractive - your customers won't be best pleased. Presentation is key!

TIP: If your Fabri-Tac is new, it will be more liquid-y. In this case, give it a few seconds before you apply your embellishment to it's base. Once you've opened and got a few uses out of it, you'll notice it will thicken over time. Through experience, you'll know when you can just go straight ahead and stick, versus waiting a little first.

Here's what it will look like once you're done. Can you see that strand of glue on the outer edge of my feltie? That won't be there after....know why?

TIP 2: If you have any glue strands (from pulling the bottle away) do NOT touch them until they're dry! If you try to rub them off, especially on black surfaces, you'll be left with ugly, crusty white markings.

Wait until it's dry, then it will hold shape and can be pulled right off leaving no hideous glue skid-marks left behind.


Here is when you make your headband, but there wasn;t much point taking photos for this part as i've already covered in in my  previous basic FOE headband tutorial here.

As you won't be using clippies, and you'll need a nice flat surface, there is no need to make a loop. Simply follow the instructions up until step 4 and you're good to go! Don't forget to measure according to head size first. The headband sizing chart is also included in the tutorial - you won't miss it ;)


Seee - I yanked that bugger right off! Those white bits on the felt circles are reflects from the fibers used in the felt. Not dirt or dust...honestly.

Anyhoo, now you need to position your headband onto the back of Minnie's head. Make sure the seam if in the middle. Trail a little glue across the back of the head (right in the middle - should have taken a snap for this part.) then press your headband onto the glue.

Ideally, you should use one large felt circle to cover the headband, and secure it in place. It gives a much neater appearance. However I only had my trusted 1.5"s lying around, so I used two of those instead.

Apply glue as mentioned in step 4, and whack 'em into place.


Excuse my chipped nails...here I am wittering on about 'appearance is key'. Deary me.

Now we need to make sure the edges are sealed. You don't want them flapping open when the elastic is stretched. 

Here's where you go and stick the kettle on....seriously. Shoo now!

*15-20 minutes later*

Ok, so now that you've had a cuppa and let your piece sit for a while, we can start sealing those edges :)

Gently pull back the shabby from the opposing headband elastic, and felt circles. Does it give? If it looks anything like the photo, you'll need to get some extra glue in there. Just a touch along the edges to ensure that once it's completely dried, THAT ^^ doesn't happen again.

You'll also want to flip it over and check that the edges of your felt circles are completely attached to the headband elastic. If not, sort it out with a little glob of glue.


Eeeep we're nearly there! Now skip over to that pretty little sequin bow, and scoop it up.

Dab some glue all over the back. Tails, sides, middle, errthang.

Now it's time to crown Minnie! Slowly position the bow, and press down. Don't press too hard...give it a moment or two first, then get firm with it.


Now you can admire your handiwork! Your new shabby Minnie Mouse headband is complete. I'd suggest leaving her to dry overnight for a perfect hold, before any wear!

I hope you had fun making this headband! The possibilities wish shabby flowers are endless, and I have many more fun tutorials coming this-a-way.

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