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#1 - Basic FOE headband tutorial

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Welcome to the newly refurbished Blossoms Blog. We've been making a lot of changes in Blossomville, notice the new look?  ;)

We've had some of our lovely customers ask us about our fold over elastic (FOE), how they can make secure headbands with it and what are the best ways to attach different embellishments onto them.

I've decided to do a series of headband tutorials to cover all of these topics - Headband 101!

Now, the first thing to start off with, is of course how to make a standard FOE interchangeable headband. An interchangeable headband is the most versatile FOE headband you can make as you can use if for various embellishments (although some just won't work) but the part that'll sell you is the awesome loop for Le Clippies!

Many of our customers make hair bows and various other types of clips - knowing how to make an interchangeable headband is an fab way to add more value to your product as you can sell it along with the clip or offer it as a useful extra. Interchangeable headbands are also extremely handy for babies who don't yet have enough hair to wear clips.

I've included a step-by-step photo tutorial on how to make your very own interchangeable headbands, and have also provided a sizing chart for you to see before you begin, that way you know how much elastic you'll need. This way you can avoid making them too tight, or too big. Your customers will love you for it!

Ready?? GO!


* FOE - I'm using our 5/8" Princess Pink
* A ruler that measures in inches
* A strong fabric glue - Fabri-Tac is recommended
* Sharp scissors


Measure out the length of FOE needed for the size headband you're making. I'm making a standard 15" size ( Check guide for more sizing information.). Now add an extra 1/2 an inch to that number, and snip.


Once you've cut your main piece, measure out another 2 inches of FOE and snip again. This will be used to make the loop for your pretty clippy bows! Set this aside until you need it.


Add a dab of Fabri-Tac to one end of your elastic. Unfortunately, I had to use Gem-Tac for this brand new bottle of Fabri-Tac somehow managed to escape the captivity of my supplies draw and I can't for the life of me seem to find it!

Fabri-Tac is a clear glue, and not as liquid-like as Gem-Tac. Please do not even attempt to use Gem-Tac for your will drive you cuckoo-loco.

Now place the other side of elastic over the glue. This is why we cut that extra inch, so try to make sure you don't go over that lenth.

Do NOT press down straight away. This will only push the glue down and out through the fabric of the elastic. What you want to do, is let it rest on top lightly for 5-10 seconds for the glue to thicken a little, then gently press the ends together firmly.

Don't get fanatical! A couple of firm presses are enough,. The glue will go on to bond tighter and stronger as it dries.
Now flip your ready glued band over, and add another dab of glue to the center of that extra inch we cut.


Now this is where that 2 inch length comes in. Grab it, and do the exact same thing as we did in STEP 3. Place it lightly on top, let the glue get a little heavy, them BAM. Stick that mother down :)

 This here is where we make the loop. Just flip the remaining elastic over the top of your headband and go on to...

...where you'll now have to add one more dab of glue onto the last part we stuck down. Repeat STEP 3 again as you secure that remaining flap of FOE onto the band.

This will leave you with the back side (inner part) of your headband completely glued and secured, all while having a perfectly sized loop on the front part (outer side) for your clips!

One more thing to do now girls.

If you have a teeny bit of remaing FOE poking out from underneath the headband, snip it. Snip it off. Snip it all off!


Your mission is complete - you can now sit back and marvel at your fabulous interchangeable headbands!

I would advise that you don't get carried away and start adding clips or getting your cats to model them so soon. Fabri-Tac is pretty awesome, and dries fairly quickly - but if you're making an order, try not to fiddle with them until they've had a good 24 to dry completely. You'll be amazed with how strong your headbands are in the morning! (Providing you're using Fabri-Tac or even E-6000)

The next addition to Headband 101, is how to make the right headband based on what embellishment you're using. I'll have that up within the next couple of days, so if you're interested and/or enjoyed this tutorial - please click the follow flag over on the right hand side so you can keep up with all our future posts!

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Happy crafting Blossoms!

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